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Machine Vision

Machine Vision is the process and evaluation of the visions taken by the cameras with the help of special computer programs. If we want to describe a typical Artificial Vision System, there is first of all a camera and accessories, an illumination system suitable for the application and a computer in which there are computer program/s that automatically process the vision data, evaluate it and come to a logical decision. Some smart cameras have their own microprocessors embedded, in which case there is no need for a computer.

A Machine Vision System can implement a Quality Control job, which is normally done with human eye seeing, with less mistakes, much faster, cheaper and with the same vision quality all the time.

The reasons of a Machine Vision system to be used for Production Automation are:

· Standardization of Quality Control and to upgrade from Sampling to 100% quality control,

· To increase the sustainability and predictability of Quality,

· To decrease the Quality Control costs,

· A more systematic and reliable data of the Fault Statistics will lead to better understand the source of faults, resulting taking precautions for better quality and get closer to zero defect production.


Application of Machine Vision technologies results in many different Automatic Visual Control Systems implemented in the industry. These are very reliable and consistent systems that can be used in many parts of production processes. With the help of these systems, the industry can follow-up all the critical steps in production, detect the faulty processes beforehand and discover the malfunctioning machines. There are really a vast number of application possibilities.  Like Eye Vision, there should be adequate and suitable illumination to realize better measurements, validations and alignments. The result is increase of quality and decrease of costs during production processes.

 Some typical application fields are listed below:

· Measurement

· 1D & 2D Code Reading

· OCV and OCR

· Color detection

· Inspection (Presence/Absence Control, Welding Control, etc.)

· Positioning, Robot Guiding


VISKAM offers solutions to Automotive, Packaging, Food and Plastic Industries by using Machine Vision technologies and systems for quality control and process automation.